I Can Show You 2021 Was Perfect: Here’s How

I Can Show You 2021 Was Perfect: Here’s How

2021 Was Perfect

2021 was perfect. That’s a bold statement, but I am a bold woman: I will show you how 2021 was perfect.

In fact, you can show you. Here is how: do this quick exercise below.

Don’t complicate it. You can always return to it and do it in greater depth later. The magic of it is how well it works when you trust, and do it simply.

In fact, if you want it quick as well as simple, watch the video below and it will walk you through the exercise.

If you want backstory, or my special template, or prefer written information to video (sigh! me too), read on.



Right after Christmas, I began feeling restless. My spiritual practice includes the seasonal energies, and they are really ripe in the Winter for going deeper than we ever have before. I knew I was holding back embracing where I had been, what I had done, and everything that had happened to me in 2021.

I did not want to go into 2022 with regret.

Was it possible to do this–enter 2022 with no regrets? I thought I would try. I worked out a very simple process for myself to use and I liked it so much I knew I needed to offer it to my soul-colleagues. The template below will walk you through the process I used.

My special template

Here is a copy of the template for downloading. Or you can just sketch your own using the image below.

How to do the exercise

    1. Pick a moment in 2021, in the fairly recent past. Think of three words that describe it.
    2. Go farther back into the past. Choose another memory/moment. Describe it again with three words.
    3. Do it one more time.
    4. Now, read your three-word descriptions. Allow them to form a pattern. See that what the pattern shows you are your reactions to the events you’ve remembered.
    5. You just learned something. What was it?
    6. Once you have come this far, you will have a very deep sense of what 2021 was about for you. It will be clearly perfect, there will be nothing you seek to change about it any longer.
    7. You can now enter 2022 without regret.
    8. If you would like to, extend the exercise to 12 memories–one a month. Or 10 memories. Or five. See what happens when you do it this way.
    9. I am totally interested in your findings. Please share them with me in
      • a comment to this post.
      • an email: bethraps@raisingclarity.com
      • my contact form, right here.
PS: If you enjoyed this, you can find all my “instant downloads” (video & audio guided meditations, mini-courses, and more) right here. If you want the information in this post as a more permanent page link, click here.
  • Janice K. Huff
    Posted at 14:34h, 01 January Reply

    Thank you for this exercise. My three words were joy, hope, and peace. You helped me to realize these things. I wish you much joy, hope, and peace in ’22.

    • Beth
      Posted at 23:05h, 01 January Reply

      Janice, I receive them from this lovely comment of yours. Thank you! Many blessings and gratitude for your endorsement.

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