2021 Was Perfect and 2022 Will Be Perfect: See How with These Exercises

2021 Was Perfect:

See How with the 2021 Exercise Below

2021 was perfect but you didn’t know it. To see how perfect it was, use my exercise I’ve made quick and easy by choosing just three moments in 2021 to work with. If you’ve already done the 2021 exercise, great. You will use it for 2022’s exercise, so make sure you have your 2021 exercise handy.

Try this after you try 2021’s Exercise

2022 Will Be Perfect Too:

Use the 2022 Exercise Below To See How

Do the 2022 exercise below after you do the 2021 exercise.

Instructions for Exploring 2021

I created a chart to make doing this exercise even simpler.

You can just use the image below and sketch your own chart, or download mine. Here it is for downloading.

I have also made a video tutorial walking you through this exercise:

First 2021 Moment

Start with your most recent 2021 moment. It could be today, or yesterday, or last week.

Just choose the first one that comes to mind and watch the movie. Watch it unfold/unfurl in a brief “movie” inside your mind.

Pause and write three words down you associate with this moment. (More than 3 is fine.)

Second 2021 Moment

Move back in your mind to the next movie that cries out to you. Pause and let yourself watch it fully.

Then step back and use three words to describe it.

Third 2021 Moment

Now do this once more, moving backward into 2021 to the very next memory that feels strong, like it wants to be included. That one. Allow yourself to just watch it. Don’t step into it. Just witness.

And now for the last time, choose 3 words to describe this memory (more are fine) and write them down.


And Now for the Learning: How 2021 Was Perfect

Move into the questions to be answered now that you’ve identified your three 2021 moments/memories, and described them in a few words. The questions are repeated in the video and also in the chart above.

    • What pattern in my reactions do I see?
    • What did I learn from seeing this pattern?
    • What did 2021 teach me?

Instructions for 2022 Exercise

Step One:

Copy what you wrote in your 2021 chart under the column titled (“What did 2021 teach me?”) into the 2022 chart below in the “What pattern do I see?” column.

This is the pattern you want to live into in 2022. (Here is the chart for downloading as a document if you would like to use it. Or you can just sketch it for yourself, either way is fine.)

Step Two:

Fill in your 3 “memories” of 2022. Use ones you can easily envision. (I used regular events I knew would occur (G-d willing) this year: my birthday, paying taxes, and the Fall Equinox. I could easily see myself embodying the pattern I want using those 3 events that recur every year. )

Step Three:

There’s just one empty column left in the 2022 chart: “What do I need to do now to help this manifest?” What is that one thing you could do now to bring this reality about? Write it in this column. Keep it, and practice it!

I got an enormous amount from doing these exercises. I feel it will last me all year. I would love to hear what you get.

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