Simple Holiday Gifts from RAISING CLARITY

Simple Holiday Gifts from RAISING CLARITY

tiny silver-wrapped gift with a green yarn bow

Simple Holiday Gifts from RAISING CLARITY include discounted writing, coaching and consulting in money and related peaceful, ethical money management and fundraising matters. Ask us! Good things come in small (and affordable) packages. Gift image by rieo.

Simple Holiday Gifts from RAISING CLARITY

Thank you for a blessed year! To express my gratitude, I am giving half-off discounts on my work, which you may use any time during 2019:

  • you may take discounts on my writing, editing, and writing mentoring: any sort, but especially for your fundraising and project promotion. For detail about what I offer in this realm, see my writerly website.
  • coaching is also discounted, including moneycoaching, work-and-life balance coaching, and discerning-vocation coaching.
  • and consulting is discounted in fundraising, budgeting, annual planning, investment-raising, philanthropic giving. Note this consulting offer from last year still holds, and so does our BOGO offer.

Contact me about what you’d like. My base rate is $100/hour, so the rate for this discounted offer starts at $50/hour, broken into as little as 15-minute increments, which are effective. We’ll negotiate if need be.

Money Gathas

  • If you would like to buy a beautiful version of my first round of money gathas for yourself or another person


  • If you would like me to create money gathas for you

please let me know. There will be a charge; we will figure it out together.


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