Have More Money: Checklist of Priorities

Have More Money: Checklist of Priorities

Light brown-skinned left hand holding a marker, checking off "yes" and "no" boxes on a checklist.

To have more money, it’s important to be able to tell if we should spend it or not. We can develop a checklist of priorities. Checklist by Morgan K on Pixabay.

To have more money, you need to be able to say “yes” and “no” to spending, purchases, savings, investments, and donations. Here is how to be at peace with your truth about money and your priorities regarding money.

What Comes Before “Yes” and “No”?

We hear, “just say no,” as though there were any “just” about it.

It’s not just and it’s often not easy to say “no.”

But if you can’t truly say “yes” if you can’t say “no.”

To have more money, what comes before yes and no is noticing what is true for you about money.

What is True for You About Money?

What’s true for you may seem strange, irrational, not abundant. It may also be that your truth about money is overflowing with abundance and deep confidence the Universe will provide. And it may even be that your truths about money are, shall we say, inconsistent?

This is certainly so for me. One of my truths about money is that I’m broke.  Poverty definitely ran in my father’s family. Scarcity, even. I notice that I have a tendency to spend until I feel broke, rather than stopping before I feel broke. What is true for me? Part of me is uncomfortable when I’m not broke. Fortunately, I have worked deeply with my own truths about money and found parts of me that realize it is ok not to be broke. There is nothing sacred or deeply relevant or “salt of the Earth” about being broke. (And I also deeply feel mended! The opposite of broke.)

That’s one of my uncomfortable truths. Another is that I am deeply financially responsible and want to pay my own way in the world. Yet another is that I want to do work I love and be paid well for it. I want the Universe to support my calling. Perhaps I am not so different from you in some of these ways. But let me ask: What’s your truth?

Start to Notice Your Priorities

When you want to have more money, you can just wish it were so, or you can take responsibility for making it happen. Start to notice what’s true for you about money in a quite deliberate way.

I’ve written about taking time to explore a list of ways I suggest you can have more money. Once you start, don’t stop. Make it a habit to notice what is true for you about money.

Then start to look at your priorities. Here is where you can really control how much money you spend, save, invest, and donate.

Have More Money Checklist of Priorities

Once you start noticing what’s true for you about money, use your self-observation to quickly create a checklist of your priorities for using money. Some of yours might be:

  • it makes me feel good
  • it’s good for me in the long run
  • it supports my wellbeing or my family’s wellbeing
  • it’s good for the cause.

If you are truthful, you might find you have priorities you don’t even like.

Your priorities for how you use money might include–again, if you’re honest with yourself:

  • hoarding so no one can ever hurt me again
  • getting one up on the Joneses
  • getting that sexy thing to like me
  • [insert your here].

That’s another reason to be truthful: you can take responsibility and change your spending, saving, and donating checklist of priorities. And then USE IT whenever you use money!

We’ll talk more about “yes” and “no.” For now, try this.

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