Educate, Generate!

Educate, Generate!

RAISING CLARITY blog readers will remember Arianna Groover-Landis. She and her friend Bella Zucker co-star in this post about fundraising. When Arianna hired me for guidance on her fundraising campaign Educate to Generate a Better Future, I immediately knew you’d be fascinated to hear what she was up to at the ripe old age of just barely 14!

For me, what’s most exciting about these two young women’s fundraising campaign “Educate to Generate a Better Future” is that Arianna and Bella
Arianna Groover-Landis and Bella Zucker

Arianna Groover-Landis and Bella Zucker. Photo by a fellow Mountain SOL School student.

came up with the desire and the idea to do it just because

they love the environment, and education, and what their chosen beneficiary Mountain Stewardship & Outdoor Leadership School (Mountain SOL) is doing for kids and the environment.

I asked each young woman to tell us a bit about herself. Here’s what they shared:

Arianna wrote: My name is Arianna Groover-Landis and I live in Terra Alta, West Virginia, on a farm. I love to be outdoors, hike, play in streams, music and read. I am homeschooled and in 8th grade. Some of my future goals are to be good at archery, trapping, and tanning pelts. Some of my achievements are that I can herbally treat wounds and I am a walking calculator (most of the time).
Bella wrote: My name is Bella Zucker, I live in Morgantown West Virginia and I love music and the outdoors. I am homeschooled and in 8th grade. Some of my future goals are I want to go to medical school, play piano with an orchestra and I want to travel to all seven continents. Some of my achievements are that I ran a half marathon and I can speak part of 6 languages.

One cool thing I want you to get from this post is that

if they make fundraising look easy, fun, and like anyone could do it with a little stick-to-it-iveness and simple organization, that’s because it is! This is our view of fundraising in a nutshell. The more simply you’re organized, the easier it is to put the fun back into fundraising and the better your campaign will work.

Of course my first question about their campaign was what made them want to take it on?

We both want to help the environment and we decided that the best way was to raise money to donate to a local environmental organization that educates people so we decided to have this fundraiser.

And I thought we should know a few basic things. For example, the name of the campaign is

The Educate to Generate a Better Future Campaign

Their campaign starts today–March 8th, and ends on May 31, 2017.

They intend to raise $2000.

Arianna and Bella at first considered splitting donations they raised among five different nonprofits. I asked why they chose just one organization:

We chose just Mountain Stewardship & Outdoor Leadership School because it is a new organization and we want to help it grow and it is a meaningful local organization. All of our donations will go to them. Here is a link to their website. It is a local organization that focuses on the education of kids of all ages on the environment and builds their love of the outdoors through hiking, backpacking, tracking, climbing, and much more.

I think they’re going to be wildly successful, so I asked what happened if they raised more than planned?

We will give all of the donations to Mountain SOL.

And I asked what they’ll do if they raise their goal before May 31st,  which I think is likely?

Still keep fundraising until the 3 months are up.

I wondered why they had chosen Mountain SOL. Bella responded,

We chose Mountain Stewardship & Outdoor Leadership School because it is a new organization and we want to help it grow. Mountain SOL School has been a part of my  life for 3 years now. It has taught me countless things and helped to develop my love for the woods and sense of duty towards protecting the environment. It has done the same with all of the other students that are a part of it.

Arianna added,

Likewise, when Bella told me about this program, I wanted to go and see it. They bring out the adventurer in kids and teach kids to be leaders. It is a program that teaches kids to love the environment and learn to live in it and make the most of nature without abusing it. This program helps kids be the best they can be.

These are beautiful reasons to want to raise funds. We can learn from this example to do it too!

If you are interested in donating to The Educate to Generate a Better Future Campaign to benefit Mountain Stewardship & Outdoor Leadership School, you can do so by check or credit card. Here’s what you do:

1. Please make checks out to “Mountain SOL” and send to

c/o Arianna Groover-Landis

1771 Oak Grove Rd

Terra Alta WV  26764


2. If you would rather donate by credit card, click on the link below:

When you get to the box asking where you heard about Mountain SOL, say

“Arianna and Bella”. 

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  • Beth Raps
    Posted at 14:31h, 25 April Reply

    Just heard from Arianna: they’ve raised $1200 and more is pouring in!

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