Clarity is a Moving Target

Clarity is a Moving Target


Image by Andym5855 of James Wright’s “Target.” Uploaded to Flikr, accessed via Creative Commons Search.

I was talking with a client soul-colleague last week about gaining clarity. She quoted me in an interview I gave here about gaining clarity and it felt like she was using my words to flog herself about not being clear. So I got clear–and honest. I said, “Clarity is a moving target! I get unclear all the time! And then I have to get clear again!” She said,


and that’s when I realized I had a blog post on my hands–and that I had better ‘fess up. Clarity IS a moving target! There’s no other path to RAISING CLARITY than to keep getting clear. It’s a process, and you do get clear–and then something changes, and you have do to it again.

This isn’t a pitch for more business for us; our work is deliberately long-lasting because we teach you the tools of how to get clear for yourself, we don’t hoard them. It’s a pitch for compassion for yourself.

Here are the steps to RAISING CLARITY:

  1. Make a mess of something.
  2. Realize you’re totally confused.
  3. Realize you know where to get help.
  4. Work with us–a little or a lot.
  5. Specifically, do a dreamtime or discussion session with us, or both, helping you see where you are unclear and how that’s making you make a mess.
  6. Get a bit clearer.
  7. Take a week to use your new clarity to see into the mess.
  8. Perhaps do another session with us–or use our tools yourself.
  9. See more clearly into the mess; watch the mess dissolve.
  10. Repeat.

Do you see these as concentric circles? I do–the concentric circles of a target!

That’s because the more clarity we see, the more there is to see.

Increasing clarity is PROGRESS. It’s not a bad thing to see you need more of it: it’s a great thing. It’s intrinsic to being organic, moving, growing creatures not just that we change, but that as we zero in, we see more–and then can zero in again to a new clarity, and so on. With this commitment to increasing clarity, we can take responsibility for more and more in our lives, and have more and more “peaceful progress with plenty of support,” as I say in our one and only video.

This is what we’ve noticed and what we’re good at helping people with, especially but not limited to money and work issues. It’s the juicy game we call the Divine Curriculum: how the Cosmic Something or our higher selves work with us to become better people through our money and work issues! Let’s play this game with zest for the process.

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