Promotion with Integrity is Healed

Promotion with Integrity is Healed


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Below is the recording of the “Promotion with Integrity is Healed” free phone chat described in this post. Enjoy!

All of these words have the same root.

Promotion with Integrity heals wounds.

It heals advice we’ve received about promoting our work (that we could not get to work for us).

It heals lies we’ve told ourselves about our work.

It heals our pain at having told potential clients something more than was true about our work–or something less, downplaying our work because we were scared, shy, comparing ourselves to someone else, resistant, afraid, afraid, afraid.

Promoting our work with integrity heals how we write and speak about and demonstrate our work. It means we share our work in ways that are aligned with all our parts. In alignment, we share our work as as we do our work–and as uniquely. We are daring, creative, flowing, communicative of our love, wise, delighted to experiment and to improve.

Each of us who reads this blog has created their work uniquely. Here is my manifesto for us:

It may not make sense to anyone else, but this is how we do it.

It may come across as too vulnerable to others, but this is the voice we speak in.

It may not meet a majority need, but we know there is a niche for it.

Everyone who reads this blog has a project, a dream being realized, an organization dear to them, is an entrepreneur in the sense of innovator and risk-taker (the original meaning of “entrepreneur”: someone who undertakes something qualified to be called “an undertaking.” You don’t “undertake” something ordinary.)

Self-acceptance and self-embrace are big for us. So is learning from others without copying them or wanting to. So is boldly following our best inner guidance!

When we love promoting our work, we are healed.

Here are what we promise in every post in this series: steps, a meditation, and an invitation to our next (last!) free phone chat of the Promotion with Integrity summer blog post series:


  1. Think about what it would mean to have healing in promoting your work: that area of your life would simply no longer be an issue. Notice that you would probably automatically begin to help other people with your light and wise, experiential teaching.
  2. Imagine healed promotion and how it feels. Know it is already happening when you connect within yourself and try out new promotional strategies that feel good to you, no matter how small, “crazy,” creative, never before seen. You have begun doing this.
  3. Ask: what kind of promotional issue am I having? The answers really can come from within you. Do you need the wisdom of:
    speaking your truth?

Click on the color of the wisdom you need, and use the steps in the post to find the answers to your issue. You know much more than you think.

Free Phone Chat

Date: Monday, August 15, 2016
Time: 3pm Eastern for one hour
Cost: Free
Join: The call-in number is 641-715-3276. Give this code when prompted: 187944#. We’ll talk about healing our innate wisdom in sharing our work, and I’ll lead us on a meditative journey that inspires insights and new ideas. (It really does; you can hear people getting ideas and insights right on the calls! Just click on the colors above to be taken to past posts in this series. The recordings are given at the top of each post.)



Giant White Shasta Daisies. Image by and uploaded to Flikr by Swallowtail Garden Seeds with a Creative Commons license.

This is your chance for all-out visualization. What does successful promotion of your work LOOK like to your intuition or inner seeing?

Can you see it as a movie? My movie: I love seeing myself talking to individuals and small groups about RAISING CLARITY. I love seeing myself speaking to a roomful of people about our basic concepts, and seeing articles I’ve published that promote our unique point of view. I love putting people in touch whom I know will love each other and raise each other’s clarity, and convening gatherings where people are RAISING CLARITY. And I’m only talking about promoting. I also love being wise and helpful as a coach and consultant.

What do you look like promoting your work successfully? Seeing yourself successful is revealing.

Now gather all your superpowers we symbolize by the rainbow of colors in this series, and allow them to flow out the top of your head. See the white-light diamond at your crown where the colors meet and stream out the top of your head. You are POWER itself. You make success by simply allowing the stream.

How are you doing it? What new things are you doing? What are you doing better?

See you again soon! There will be one more post saying goodbye and thank you to this series!

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  • Danielle Capillo
    Posted at 12:54h, 17 May Reply

    Through the guided meditation is was so revealing of where I have been with my work. I couldn’t actually shake this feeling of confinement, and feeling incapable. Limited by competition and lack of self-worth. It makes sense in one way but was very sad to come to terms with. I eventually stopped trying to change the feeling and just studied it. Let my dream time self feel as small and limited as they felt even surrounded by such beauty and potential. The relief of being accepted help to shift it a bit but still so unsure of myself, who I am serving and the worth of my work. I hope to return to this meditation with a feeling of openness and confidence.

    • Beth
      Posted at 14:26h, 18 May Reply

      Thank you! You sent me this on my birthday, Danielle–and almost a year after I posted this meditation. I believe this work is timeless, and you have shown me that. Namaste.

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