Continuing the Rainbow Journey: Promotion with Integrity

Continuing the Rainbow Journey: Promotion with Integrity


Opal, by and uploaded to Flikr by Jim Thompson, accessed via Creative Commons.

This blog series shares my journey through my promotional superpowers. In order to write you something of worth, I have had to dig deep within myself:

  • to ground (and help you ground),
  • get juiced (and show you were to find your juice),
  • radiate confidence (and help you source yours),
  • open my heart (to help me hold space for you to open yours),
  • speak my truth (and empower your speaking),
  • embrace my clairvoyance (and speak to you of the confidence that is all it takes for you to embrace yours)
  • accept healing of my “promotional” body (and point to yours).

One thing I’ve noticed is that no matter what I need to do it,

good promotion is not outside me:

I don’t need more advice.

I don’t need a sounding board.

I definitely don’t need more time.

It’s the other way around:

everything I need to do good promotion lives inside me.

I activate my promotional superpowers and then I have

  • a use for the advice
  • something to bounce off the sounding board
  • no resistance to setting aside the time I need to promote my work.

It’s inevitable:

When we are no longer afraid of doing promotion,  we become more successful.


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