WE are Multiple; Brand is Singular

WE are Multiple; Brand is Singular

Raps in French and English

The home page of my new writerly website, Raps in French and English.

Human beings are capable of powered flight; we can travel across ourselves and find that self multiple and vast.  (Jeannette Winterson, p. 116, Art Objects)

The more I understand about branding, the more I see branding’s singularity as freeing us rather than constraining us.

I recently created a website  to house my published writings, and advertise my work as writer, book coach, and translator. I mentioned that I would do this here, in a post reflecting on the importance to our brand of all we don’t do. Even just thinking about what would go into the new website freed me to see RAISING CLARITY and this website more clearly.

It is not necessary to be shut up in one self, to grind through life like an ox at a mill, always treading the same ground. (Winterson again, same page and book)

I used to think branding was for boring people. People who were and did and thought just one thing, just one way.

I felt I was much too interesting to do any such thing as branding: how could I constrain my multiplicity?

Now I understand that branding is important because everyone is as vast and multiple as I am, and branding helps slow down my message enough for them to pay attention for the two seconds (if I’m lucky) I get of their attention before they turn to something else. If they connect with my message, I get more of their attention.

This suddenly makes branding make a whole lot of sense. I do not need to be singular. MY BRAND DOES.

So now, when it comes to textual analysis, textual healing, or translation, I have a calling-card I show people. And when it comes to helping you come out more fully into the world to claim and remove obstacles to your abundance, I have RAISING CLARITY.

This post is dedicated with love and thanks to my soul-colleague Kurt Bartolich, whose work makes my thinking about brand possible.

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