Early Fruit: Learnings in Promotion with Integrity

Early Fruit: Learnings in Promotion with Integrity


Fragaria ananassa. From the collection of Swallowtail Garden Seeds who took and uploaded this image.

In early Spring, I set myself the task of doing better marketing of RAISING CLARITY. Argh!

Marketing is often pictured as a funnel, broad like a trumpet at one end. The broad end are all the people you reach out to with your marketing. The narrow end are the ones who choose you to work with.


Funnel image made available to Flikr under Creative Commons license by Cambodia4kids.org Beth Kanter.

I’m very happy with our success at the narrow end! Once people work with RAISING CLARITY, they become soul-colleagues. The funnel helps clarify what “better marketing” means for RAISING CLARITY: stronger flow into the broad end of the funnel. No surprise: we do almost nothing to attract flow. I am stunned by our steady stream of soul-colleagues. But  need a river entering the broad end of the funnel. I love streams–so personal and inviting. So safe. Rivers scare me. But I know I have to step out of my comfort zone.

I’m great at promoting other people.

Whenever we say, “I can do it for others, but not for myself,” we have a split–you can use that split!

I worked it: I coached myself. I scheduled, and held, a meeting with myself every other day for a week. As a coach, I naturally framed things positively and encouragingly:

In promotion, there are so many things I can do right.

What kind of promotion would I like to do?

How would I like to reach people?

I walked myself very gently through feelings that came up. Coaching, I know how to figure out workarounds for these. (Three of my best workarounds are below.) I also called on non-visible my team of promotion helpers.  You don’t have to believe you have them! Just call on yours anyway, and see how much better your ideas, intuition, and timing get when you check things out with your “team.” (Start small. Ask specific questions. Trust what you hear in response to low-stakes decisions at first, and you’ll learn to work with “them”–or is that “you”? Up to you to decide.)

I love the results: a Summer series of posts + free phone chats that promote working one-on-one with us.

First workaround: Make it a campaign. I can handle promotion easily if I think of it as only taking a certain number of weeks. Plus, Summer for RAISING CLARITY is quieter. An increase in flow will be noticeable right away–and easy to appreciate myself for.

Second workaround: Make the campaign enjoyable. My PR coach designed each part of the campaign to be

  • colorful
  • juicy
  • nourishing (providing substance to the person “consuming” it, whether s/he engages with me directly or no).

Third workaround: Use a familiar structure. RAISING CLARITY loves structure! Mine was the “chakras,” our energy centers. I easily laid out our campaign timeline below using the order, color, and focus of each chakra.

Who knew we have the resources to promote our own work within us? This is going to be something I teach in a Promotion with Integrity Retreat and a Promotion with Integrity Telephone/Email Course this Fall. Get with me if you want to join. I love that the blog series naturally builds the Course and the Retreat!

Campaign Calendar

Here it is.  Note that the free phone chat promised in each post takes place exactly one week after the post itself is published. I record the chat and then post it as soundfile at the top of the original post. Click on the posts that have links below, and see for yourself!

5/9: Crystal (containing all the colors inside it): campaign kick-off announcement.

5/16: Red/Root Chakra: reducing fear and establishing stability through grounded promotion.

5/30: Orange/Sexual Chakra: juicing our promotion through creativity.

6/13: Yellow/Solar Plexus: brave, “solar” promotion of our work. This phone chat (TODAY at 6:30pm) naturally fell right on the Summer Solstice, the most solar day of the year!  I’ll post its soundfile by June 21, latest.

6/27: Aqua/Heart Chakra: emotional connection with our peeps.

7/11: Blue/Throat Chakra: self-expression.

7/25: Indigo/Third Eye Chakra: clear-sightedness; allowing and embracing our clairvoyance in knowing what is right for our promotion with integrity.

8/8: Violet/Crown Chakra: letting our highest calling pull us into the next level of promotion.

8/22: Rainbow (containing all the colors in their most extroverted form): pulling it all together: our promotional grounded creative bravery emotionally connected to speak clearly about our work powered by seeing far and pulled by our highest calling.

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