Purifying Your Brand

Purifying Your Brand

Tuning Fork

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I’ve been cleaning and polishing my brand, inspired by our work with Kurt Bartolich.

I think I’ve mentioned I started a new website for my work in language (translating, editing, book-coaching, and promoting my work as a thinker, including some published writings). That has helped RAISING CLARITY a lot. It’s helped me focus my blogging here on topics I think are most what you want from RAISING CLARITY. It’s helped me understand what we are and do and how to articulate

RAISING CLARITY’s specialized focus on the inner changes your work makes in you and how to respond to them–so you can make the outer changes you want to make in your work and our world.

Noticing all we are means noticing all we aren’t. I still am seeking the right clients to help and cultivating a larger community of soul-colleagues. I love the edge we are at–the fact that we are creating our own market of people who know that the work they love calls them to change in ways they need help with. (And who know we can help, and we will, affordably.)

I used to feel ashamed that RAISING CLARITY wasn’t a giant success right off the bat. It’s cute, what old me thought. It’s a craft, learning to create your own market and doing your own marketing as well as doing the work you’re good at–coaching and consulting in my case.

Fortunately, you all have told me our work is amazing, intuitive, quietly world-changing. I don’t have self-doubt anymore when it comes to how good we are at what we do. I just have a LOT to learn about sharing it.  So I am teaching myself how to do what we call “promotion with integrity”–and teaching others along with me.

One thing I’ve learned recently is that shame is the opposite of humility. Humility puts me inside the Universal flow. Humility means I acknowledge I need help while partnering with the Universe by working not hard but smart: persistently, strategically, contemplatively.  Shame, on the other hand, blocks that flow. Shame means I don’t show or share that I need help. It’s easy to trick oneself into not showing vulnerability. For me it’s been especially tempting as a successful money coach and a money-raiser–for others. “Do I really have something to offer, if I’m not perfect?” You all have let me know I do–and I am here to let you know YOU do.

So…what about you? Are you careful with your brand? Your time? Your mind? Your energy?

Can you purify your brand and remove everything extraneous and put it someplace else? Do it elsewhere, under a different “hat”?

And–like the movie title–is your brand “crisis”? Is it centered in that culturally approved busy-ness we mistakenly associate with being important? Or is your brand centered in calm self-confidence that reassures others?

Beloved Community of RAISING CLARITY, let’s attune ourselves to a sweeter frequency–not a fever pitch but a hum, a vibrational resonance of clarity and self-confident offering.

And let’s see if that can become part of our brand if it isn’t already. Tell me how that works for you. If you come to what you feel is an obstacle to doing your best work while being calm, strategic, and contemplative, tell us about it and let me try to write about it in a blog post that might help everyone?



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