Mindful Marketing Interview

Mindful Marketing Interview

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I’ve been sitting on this. Spring is a good time for me to become un-shy and share this half-hour interview with you!

(If your browser won’t open that link, try this: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/mindful-marketing-show/id1055052483?mt=2 )

Kimberly Maska is one wise woman, as you know from reading our recent post about her. She asks supportive deep questions I dove into.

In this interview, you’ll find out many things, including

  • my past life as an art model and a fundraiser (and how they are similar);
  • my first big-donor ask
  • how I came up with the term “soul-colleague,” and
  • what I do instead of advertising.

Here is the transcript of our interview if you prefer reading to listening OR to help you choose parts of the interview to listen to.

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