Give Me an Experience: Free and Precious Gift Idea

Give Me an Experience: Free and Precious Gift Idea


“Are You Experienced?” 1967 album by the Jimi Hendrix Experience.Thank you, Wikimedia Commons for putting this cover art at my fingertips! Uploaded by Ilanv.

Consider this for your last-minute gift-giving.

Or even for beloveds whose gifts you’ve already bought!

I told my daughter not to buy me a Christmas gift. “Give me an experience,” I said:

  1. Make it small.

  2. Make it specific.

  3. Set aside a time to make it real.

Many of us find it hard to give experiences like this to those we love, so we give them things. A coupon that is (genuinely) good for a small, specific, real experience is harder to give. Here’s a great source of art backgrounds that are copyright-free for your coupon.

What to put on the coupon? They are like fairytales; they always start the same way: “This coupon is good for…” Then use your imagination. Keep it small, specific, and give it an expiration date, so you both set aside time to make it real. Coupons come with expiration dates! Make a note to yourself to REMEMBER when your experience is approaching its time-limit. Or set a date together when your coupon is received or you are thanked for it. (And remember you can share an experience by phone or Skype.) Try it!


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