The Truly Healing Power of Letting Money Move

The Truly Healing Power of Letting Money Move


Christmas lights reflected on moving water, Tiburon, CA. Image by and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by Sage Ross.

Money is strange. It behaves strangely and so do we around it.

My work is strange: helping people grow closer to the divine through their relationship to money.

The need for money is what allows the divine to work the divine curriculum through us.

 What is “The Healing Power of Moving Money?”

Well, at one level, it’s a transformative workshop that has now been taken by people in three states and been given six times. For a fuller description of the workshop itself, click here.

At another level, it’s something that is always there: the healing power of moving money is always there. For you. For each of us.

The workshop simply reconnects you with this power and powerful healing.

And then gives you tools to access that reconnection whenever you like.

“My” minister took the workshop and witnessed to how useful it was, and how it was useful! Here are words she wrote to endorse it:

“I attended this workshop in January and gained some wonderful insights about my personal issues with prosperity and tools to heal them. This workshop is a spiritual experience and I believe healing our relationship with finances moves us along on our spiritual journey.”

The workshop works best for people with active spiritual lives and active needs for more money to do work to serve others.

It works best for people who know there is another way to relate to money that is consonant with their spiritual beliefs and practices but haven’t gotten there yet.

The tools the workshop uses and then gives to you to take home are

  • a direct encounter with the physical reality of money
  • a meditation created fresh within each workshop to encounter your existing relationship with money directly and tangibly
  • space for reflection and notetaking that allow you to see and feel your relationship with money experienced in the guided meditation in a way that is also detached enough to change it
  • an embodied understanding of  the eight archetypes of moneycoaching
  • the opportunity to take your first diagnostic test assessing your strongest and weakest money archetypes
  • direct assistance healing the weak and nourishing the strong archetypes.

In Baltimore, the cost of this workshop is on a sliding scale from $60-120.  Registration is limited to 16 people for a properly quality experience! Advance registration is required; payment in advance is optional. Register by contacting me here or sending an email to the address you’ll find at this link. You can also ask questions through that link. Or you can call me on the telephone to ask questions! The number is 304-258-2533. Yes, indeed I welcome calls. Thank you for your interest!

I will write more about this work on our blog. Our blog is the place we give away our work so you can taste it and see if you want more. You can also see how much you want to pay for it; we offer work at varying prices: workshops, coaching, consulting, mentoring and also a group called “Claiming Your Gifts, Creating Your Work.” The Group is starting its third year in March 2015. If you would like to apply to join it, please contact us through that link or just send an email.

If you want to read our other two posts on this workshop and what we are learning in the course of developing it, go here for post #1 and here for post #2.

Here’s our take on each of the eight money archetypes:









Note: The money coaching archetypes were created by Deborah Price, founder of the Money Coaching Institute. The above posts describe how we think and work with the archetypes. For a description of them by Deborah, click here. Thanks!