What About a Pie-Chart for Your Life? (Not Just Your Work)

What About a Pie-Chart for Your Life? (Not Just Your Work)

Beth R.'s Life Pie-ChartA lot of things didn’t make it into my work pie-chart. And that’s as it should be, we feel!

The graphic above post shows where work fits into my life. It’s important–but only so important. Here’s the work pie-chart again:

Beth R.'s Work Pie-Chart

What about you? If you’d like help designing your own chart, that is work we love to do.  Email us! We can help you come to consciousness about how you use your time–and have a lot more of it.

For our notes to the work pie-chart, click here.

To make your own simple pie-chart or other graph, go here! It is really fun, and very educational!

  • David 'Black Feather' Nagy
    Posted at 14:35h, 12 May Reply

    Personally, I’d tint every segment in the entire circle with the ‘Play and Friendships’ blue; or at least, I try to. Regardless of what I’m doing, introducing the element of play not only makes activities more enjoyable (including sleep, through lucid dreaming /playing practice), I believe it’s The best way to learn. Children don’t develop as quickly as they do just because of how their brains are wired 🙂

    • Beth Raps, RAISING CLARITY
      Posted at 14:43h, 12 May Reply

      So great. I had so many thoughts in response to this. Ultimately, I think “play and friendships” for me is hard-won. And it gets its own slice not b/c I don’t agree with you or feel love in each of the other slices, including for the people I am with, or for G-d when I am “alone” (=without people). So actually listing it on the chart in its own slice means at those times I am doing nothing else. But each chart is so personal, even though at first glance they look all the same. I would love to see yours, David!

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