Working at Temple Beth Tikkun with RAISING CLARITY

Working at Temple Beth Tikkun with RAISING CLARITY

Greetings, and welcome.  At RAISING CLARITY, we often use guided meditation. For best results, we “meet” with you in a place we call Temple Beth Tikkun–our healing house–to help you create the reality that will serve your goals.

In this, we are like Asclepios

and Temple Beth Tikkun is like the healing temples inspired by the Asclepion itself on the Island of Kos, in Greece:


Above is the house itself.

Inside, you come to our huge stone hearth, circular and embracing.

Notice you can picture it how you need it to be.  From your picture comes the reality.

We have meeting rooms, a kitchen, gardens and a compost pile and a spa-like bathroom that is completely wheelchair-accessible:






But the most unusual feature is the river running under the house. Here, we gently give away what we don’t need. We go down to the river. We receive the gift of rebirth from the waters washing us clean.

We invite you to join us at Temple Beth Tikkun.  Let us know if you would like your own room here.

Kaweah Falls. Image: kaweahfalls.


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