Church Gives Away Money to Raise Money

Church Gives Away Money to Raise Money

Lead Pastor Scott Stevens noted that the church was doing well financially, after a few years of not being able to meet its needs due to the struggling economy….So on Thanksgiving weekend, he told the congregation that “anything over our plan … we were just going to give away”….The congregation responded. North Way has been giving away $75,000, to its usual mission partners and to new organizations.*

We like this strategy for its courage, and its faith as well as its success!  Courage and faith both come from the heart.  Anyone can have them.  “Courage” means to have heart, and comes from the Latin for “heart,” just like “core” does.  Faith comes from here too.


There are many stories like this one; some are probably urban myths.  Those are great too; they expand our imagination. 


This story came from Pittsburgh’s daily newspaper,  the Post-Gazette. Knowing these folks actually put Jesus’ wild wisdom into practice is powerful:

For everyone who has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him. (Matthew 25:29)


Like us, you may wonder: how could Love take away anything from a person who has little?  It sounds cruel.  It is also simply the truth of our experience.  We have seen Matthew 25:29 in action, however painful it is to us to acknowledge it.  We know people who possess less the less they have.  Reversing this negative flow is part of our work with soul-colleagues brave enough to enter these waters with us, often starting with money coaching’s brilliant tools to illuminate murky oceans of fears a person might not stir up until they were desperate.


And we have seen the other side of Matthew 25:29 at work, as simple truth: we have seen people grow their own abundance through simple love, acts of giving, and reframing what they possess as much, as a lot.  We have ourselves moved out of seeing what we possess as a lack, and are continually moving now as our blessing into much, much vaster waters of abundance, and openings to serve, and receive more.  Sometimes abundance is the scarier ocean of the two!  Have you ever noticed that?  We are here too to work with soul-colleagues on this challenge, the challenge of embracing all we’ve been given.  In some ways, it’s the same challenge.

We loved this congregation’s story.  We appreciate its deep truth and are grateful for its currency (pun intended), right in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania–as unlikely and as likely a place for the manifestation of wild abundance as anywhere.


*North Way is located in the greater Pittsburgh area.  Read more of this article here.

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