Time-Sculpting 101, One More Day to Take the First Step

Time-Sculpting 101, One More Day to Take the First Step

In the earlier part of this post, I asked you to notice how you experience time, as your first step in Time-Sculpting.  I asked you not even to change how you experience time–just to become aware of where you are in time, five times/day.

Did you do it?  Once a day?  I did it with you.  I do it often.  I find that briefly reflecting on time is one of the very best ways I use time.

I asked you to take a week to practice this.  During that time, I blogged about Peter Bregman,and discovered Ian Lurie.  Lurie is best-known as an internet marketing genius and watching him demonstrate his work (click the link and you’ll read what I mean), it’s clear he is that. But I admire his thoughtfulness about time, too.  Powerful change-makers are often powerful in more than one area of their lives.

Learning to time-sculpt will give you

  • clarity about time as fluid and bendable,
  • clarity that the way we experience time is of our choosing, and
  • clarity that the way we live in time can become an art form.

So here is a gift: one final day for you to practice asking yourself

  • When are you aware of the flow of time?
  • When do you suddenly notice that a lot of time has passed?
  • When does it feel like time is passing you by?
  • Is it a pleasant feeling or frightening?

We’ll continue with the second step of Time-Sculpting tomorrow.

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