You Can Stop Fearing Time Now

You Can Stop Fearing Time Now

This will be my final post in this initial series on time-sculpting, which has become its own category on our website! Teaching you how to bend time as a precious but unlimited resource, I taught myself new ways to teach about money.  Just like in my post about my LinkedIn practice: I set out to give and in the process, received much more abundance than I confess it would have occurred to me to ask for!

What inspired me to write about time? Don’t you get excited thinking about how wealthy everyone is when it comes to time?  We have so much time!  Equal-opportunity wealth thrills me.

Besides love, time is the most mind-blowing resource we have.  It’s way weirder than money, way more cosmic, and although we try to put constraints on it, none of them are real.

As a meditator, I have gotten good at slowing time down and speeding it up.  That’s basic 101 in most meditation disciplines.  It’s not why you meditate, it’s just a by-product.  But it’s a very nice by-product and yes, you should try meditating.  Ask me for some suggestions of what to try, or wait and see if I blog about my favorite kinds of meditation.  (I’m entitled to like more than just one!)

There’s no limit to how much time we have, once we can slow it down and speed it up.  I don’t mean we create more time by multi-tasking or getting more organized.  That’s still being the servant of time.

I mean that when you are in the present moment, you notice you don’t have to do those extra things.  You notice the deer on the lawn, the thoughts floating up to top of mind–and disappearing.  You notice your child, or your beloved, or the Beloved in front of you.  You stop fearing time.

Most folks in our culture do fear time. For me now, time is both my playmate and my work-vehicle.  It takes me anywhere I want, or need for my work, to go: I visit the past, remember the future, and mostly actually occupy the present.  Present is where I live most now. For a woman who, by age 24, had lost most of my adrenal function because I couldn’t slow down (and stop drinking coffee), this is one proud achievement.

I hope I have teased you into taking charge of how you experience time.  If you want to know more, submit a comment to this post, or contact me in any one of the ways here.

In limitless time, have a good weekend,


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