My LinkedIn Practice

My LinkedIn Practice

I developed a spiritual practice involving LinkedIn.

I needed recommendations.  (Start from a genuine need.  A genuine need is power.)

I began writing recommendations. (Give what you would receive.)

I recommend only those already in my LinkedIn network whose work I truly LOVE (Abundance follows love.)

I noted on my calendar to write three LinkedIn recommendations every other week, and I do that.  (Structure and discipline are part of the clarity that produces abundance.)

At first, it was hard sometimes. (Artificial obstacles are not structure: pushing through artificial obstacles constitutes discipline.)

On hard days, though, in fact writing my three recommendations totally changed my day. (Real structure holds our transformation tenderly.)

And: I love it! I feel like a goddess, a shaman, a fairy godmother, when I click “send” with my personal note about why I do this practice, and what it means to me. (This is the deepest reward of the practice: reminder of my own power to build the beloved community.)

And when I asked–once, that was all I needed–for recommendations, I received the most incredible abundance.  And not necessarily from the people I had recommended.

You can see my recommendations on my LinkedIn page.  But what you can’t see is the inner transformation and my feeling I have entered a new pattern completely.  The recommendations I have received filled me up but I am still doing this practice.  (What I thought I created to meet my genuine need brought me to a whole new level.  It transformed me!)

In addition, I have had numerous people tell me the kindest things in response to my practice, which I assure them is self-serving–not just in recommendations but in re-centering me in my power, especially on a hard day, but on every day I do it.

If you would like to emulate this practice, do so!  It’s yours.  Enter the pattern with me, and grow the beloved community.



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